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Spring Concert

At a glance

Booster officer elections are upcoming at the April 21st Booster Meeting.

Here is our list of nominees as of our last meeting:

President:  Steve Detrick, Rick Sowers

VP:  Jack Shoemaker, Eric Nungester

Secretary:  Tracey Thomas

Treasurer:  Angie Pennington

Student Accounts Treasurer:  Lori Adams

Any additional nominations can be called or e-mailed in to Stacy Shoemaker (614-668-2897 or ShoemakerDiva@gmail.com) & will be accepted until election time at the April 21 meeting.

Also, we have 2 amendments that were proposed and discussed at the last meeting and will be voted on at the April 21 meeting.
1.  Parents/Step-Parents/Legal Guardians of an active student or sibling students shall not serve on the Executive Board simultaneously to prevent conflict of interest (one student/siblings being represented by multiple individuals on the Executive Board).  Note:  nobody in Booster Gallery or on current Executive Board was opposed to this at time of discussion.
2.  Treasurer & President, (& VP if they are on the account signature card), must be bonded due to their connection to the organization's financial accounts.  Note:  all members & board were in favor of this at the time of the meeting.

Please keep an eye on the Calendar link above to stay up to date.  Questions about what applies to you?  Contact the band staff.  If you click on an event, further details will pop up as we get them.