At A Glance

All new and returning high school band members need to fill out a registration form using the link below so that we can update our contact information.

2015 High School Band Registration

Some updates before July 4th

1) We have full band rehearsals Monday and Tuesday next week from 5pm-8pm.  All students need to be at these rehearsals unless we have already been notified of an absence.

2) There are parades on the evening of July 2nd and morning of July 4th.  Report times to be announced next week at rehearsals.

***Please note: July 4th is our "Dot" cut off date.  If a student does not appear at next week's activities and has not contacted us in advance, they will not have a "dot" written for them in the contest show.  Drill writing begins on July 5th.  If a student is not currently marching but wants to, or if they are considering changing their mind and now not marching we need to know ASAP***

3) an up to date rehearsal schedule is available on the calendar that can be found on the band website 

Remember that you can be linked to this calendar if you'd like, just follow the instructions on the site.

4) The booster officers will be on hand on the night of the 30th to answer any questions parents may have about high school band from their perspective, fundraisers, etc.  We encourage new parents especially to come early to pick up your student from that rehearsal and meet the parent officers. These Parents will be available starting at 7pm in the band room (assuming we are able to rehearse outside, rain depending...if we are inside, we will set up another location for the parents.)

5) This is now our most current email list for parents.  If you know of another parent not receiving emails, it is because they have not yet registered their student on the website or filled out the form with an incorrectly written email.  They need to follow the link above to the online form and submit or resubmit to populate the email list with their correct address.

Are you a 5th grade parent of a future 6th grade band member? 

 Contact Mrs. Marino at to schedule an appointment for an instrument fitting.  Through this process we can determine what instrument will allow your student to be the most successful.

Please keep an eye on the Calendar link above to stay up to date.  Questions about what applies to you?  Contact the band staff.  If you click on an event, further details will pop up as we get them.  Band camp and summer parade dates will be updated on the calendar soon...stay tuned!!!