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Scioto Downs Concessions

Click below to give us your most current availability to help at Scioto Downs.

Scioto Downs Availability June 12 to July 13

Scioto Downs Availability July 17 to Sept 14

The Boosters have been given a Golden opportunity, to run 2 of Scioto Downs concession stands this summer.  We will be making 15% of each sale made (plus all tips) so the more we sell the more we make.  This promises to be a very lucrative fundraiser.


We will be staffing the concession stands starting May 8th and going to Sept 14th every night they are open for racing (mostly Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat)  and any special events, for a total of 75 days. You must be 18 to work. Current parents, alumni, alumni parents and older siblings are all welcome to help out.  

We will contact you by email (or phone) approximately 1 week out from dates to confirm who is working each shift.  We ask that you please volunteer for as many dates as you can, but know that we will certainly try not to abuse any one person as we schedule the event nights.  Our aim is to have each student represented 5 to 6 times by an adult.

Please sign up for as many open days as you can to help us maintain maximum flexibility and try to have fun with it!  Simply follow the links below.  

If you have any question please feel free to call Steve Detrick (614) 483-8592 or email Kim Burdett.

This is a big opportunity for us, but also a large undertaking.   

Consider the following numbers:

$100,000: the amount made at the track concessions last summer (casino not open)

15%: the amount of the concessions sales we get as a booster organization

$15,000: the amount we would have made there last year

$150,000: the amount Scioto Downs projects the concessions will make this year, and they believe this is a conservative estimate

$22,500: the amount the boosters would make this year, if projection is met

Keep in mind, if it goes over projection Scioto Downs is willing to give us up to 20% and we may also take in some tips.

Now for the next round of math:

75: the # of nights we need to cover the concessions

5-8: the # of people we need there on each of those nights

5: the number of times an adult (19+ years old) needs to represent each band student in order for us to cover all events fully.

As for how we will use the funds, one last math lesson:

$10,500: the first hurdle we need to clear with this fundraiser; we make this much and no student has to pay a band camp fee (based on an enrollment projection of 105).

$15,225: the second hurdle: we make this much and no student pays a band camp fee or a uniform fee.

$18,375: the third hurdle: we make this much and no student pays a band camp fee, a uniform fee, or a fee for the two t-shirts each student has to have for the season.

Bottom line: we eliminate $175 in fees per student if we can make that third hurdle, and it looks very possible.

Any excess money after that will be directed toward funds for a new trailer (very much needed, as our is falling apart) and toward the future purchase of new uniforms (also going to be needed in the next couple of years based on condition of uniforms and on the enrollment numbers).

No, we are not able to put money from this event into individual student accounts.  Due to some IRS regulations that now effect us, we need to keep individual account contributions to a minimum or we could lose our non-profit status.  Money coming in at these large amounts would certainly put us in the danger zone.  But consider this: if we make enough to pay those fees, it’s just as good as going into individual accounts because there just won’t be as much to pay.  We just need everyone to be on board so that we can make this work.

Kim Burdett,
Apr 29, 2013, 7:53 AM
Kim Burdett,
May 25, 2013, 5:38 AM