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From the Band Staff
We're really looking forward to our first parade rehearsals on June 28-29 from 5-7pm.  All marching band members must provide the following for the summer uniform:  Medium length khaki brown shorts, dark belt, white socks and any tennis shoes.  The uniform shirt (with a new design) will be available at the parade rehearsals and will be charged to student accounts.  For the performances, hair should be a natural color and must be off the neck, off the ears and out of the eyes.

2021 Marching Band Tentative Summer-Fall Dates:
The tentative fall schedule will be attached below.  Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject change. 

Required supplies for every marching band rehearsal including band camp:
Medical Form on File, 1 Gallon insulated water jug, several masks for the week, hand sanitizer, sun screen, shorts, light colored t-shirts, socks/tennis shoes (must lace up, no high tops,) hat, sunglasses, instrument, reeds, oil, pencils, flip folders, lyres, one inch three ring binder, 50 plastic sheet protectors, a sling bag, and a wash cloth.

Important Reminders:

Required supplies for every concert season rehearsal:

Each student must have their instrument, concert music, a pencil, required accessories (mouthpiece, reeds, oil, slide grease, etc.) every day for class.  During concert season, each student has rehearsal 5th OR 6th period, with lunch and a study hall the opposite period. 

High School Parents: You will find the info about logging into student accounts as a PDF attached below.  If you do not know the login code for your student, please contact and we will get it to you.

Please keep an eye on the Calendar link above to stay up to date.  Questions about what applies to you?  Contact the band staff.  If you click on an event, further details will pop up as we get them.  

Remember that you can be linked to this calendar if you'd like, just follow the instructions on the site.

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